Cleanspark: Reforming Energy Expenditures into Income

In an era, where a large number of humans are leaning towards the concept of sustainable living, adopting an eco-friendly way of life and energy conservation, nothing can be more heart-wrenching than a costly power consumption bill. Recent times has seen the emergence of companies such as Cleanspark, striving to cater to the ongoing demand for critical power systems. Cleanspark proffers advanced energy software and control technology that enables a plug-and-play enterprise solution to modern energy challenges.

Headed by S. Matthew Schultz, its current CEO and an industry veteran who has essayed critical roles in several esteemed organizations.

Cleanspark’s software allows energy users to obtain resiliency and economic optimization. In short, the software is uniquely capable of enabling a microgrid to be scaled to the user’s specific needs and can be widely implemented across commercial, industrial, military, agricultural and municipal, deployment. The firm’s services consist of intelligent energy monitoring and controls, microgrid design and engineering, microgrid consulting services, and turn-key microgrid implementation services.

One of the firm’s most noteworthy service is Turnkey Microgrid Development, aimed at helping customers in developing their energy assets.

Cleanspark helps accomplish carbon neutrality by linking together proven technologies with thinking grids and thus, generate predictable results and advice the most economic grid

Adoption of the turnkey microgrid development service helps building owners develop, construct, install and maintain nano and microgrids with the potential to yield a substantial income. The firm’s product suite comprises of two other vital offerings, namely mPulse Grid Management, and DNA Powerplan. While mPulse Grid Management helps amplify revenue and ensures optimal grid performance by the employment of advanced analytics and professional maintenance, DNA Powerplan is more of a mirror that reflects a user’s energy utilization. Also, the DNA Powerplan helps users exploit the benefits of advanced automation to grid independence ranging from 25 to even 100 percent.

Cleanspark’s ability to provide highly customized power distribution solutions to customers at competitive costs is a key differentiator in the growing distributed energy market. Cleanspark’s capability to accomplish optimal power consumption has helped it earn the trust of many corporations across the world. In the past few years alone, the organization was chosen by many large corporations for the implementation of efficient energy consumption solutions across their campuses. The firm’s research & development efforts are currently being backed by many investors and patrons of sustainable living. The facts above alone speak volumes about the strides Cleanspark has made in the energy sector since its inception.