WISErg: Soil Regeneration through Data-driven Technology

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Organic farming is the trendsetter in the agricultural industry. With many organizations and farmers getting a piece of this pie, it makes sense that organizations world over are implementing or designing solutions that will help propel this industry to new heights. Founded in 2009, WISErg out of the need to create a sustainable solution that could recover nutritional value from foods that were disposed off, like food scraps.

WISErg’s proprietary technology converts food scraps that have been discarded as waste into concentrated nutrient feedstocks that can be utilized by agriculture and other industries. The organization’s fertilizer increases the yield of corps and helps dramatically improve the health of the soil; all the while being cost-effective and sustainable than traditional fertilizers. Growers that use WISErf’s fertilizers can see unparalleled increases in yield along with much healthier plants and soil.

The firm offers two fertilizers, one specifically for organic farming—WISErganic—and another for conventional farming methods— Synergy. For the organic farming market, WISErganic delivers dramatic increases in crop yields and improves the health of the plants. Using food-derived carbon, it enhances the soil biology, and its plant-available nutrients drive balanced crop growth above and beyond that of other conventional organic fertilizer alternatives. Manufactured with WISErg patented process, the organic fertilizer does not have any odor and does not clog either. On the other hand, Synergy increases the nutrient usability by the crop without any restrictions on the application. If Synergy is combined with the run-of-the-mill liquid fertilizers, the metabolites and carbon compounds in Synergy promote plant growth and improve soil health for better plant establishment and greater yields. Manufactured with ease of use in mind, Synergy can be used with all types of fertilizer equipment, like drip tape, sprayers, and overhead irrigation systems.

Both of WISErg’s offerings are manufactured using its patented food recovery process that retains all of the nutrients in the food.

The firm also partners with growers, independent researchers and universities to constantly measure the benefits of its fertilizers and make improvements when it sees fit

As no nutrients are lost in the process, the fertilizers can give the plants and soil microbes the required nutrients. Unlike traditional fertilizers that depend heavily on nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for plant growth, the team at WISErg believe that plants require a much more balanced diet. The firm recovers nutrients from the recycled food scraps to generate the fertilizer products that are packed with minerals and compounds that the plants require. This enables growers to plants more entirely than other conventional and organic fertilizers, leading to healthy soil, healthy plants, and more nutritious food.

The firm also partners with growers, independent researchers, and universities to continually measure the benefits of its fertilizers and make improvements when it sees fit. WISErg’s fertilizers are all food-grade and extremely safe for use. The manufacturing process ensures that the fertilizers are free of pathogens and any food safety risks. They do not contain any biosolids, making them safe for use right up until time to harvest. The firm even provides a clear traceability for growers, simplifying compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act, Leafy Green Marketing Associations of California and Arizona, and the National Organic Program. WISErg’s fertilizers are used across hundreds of farms in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America. The firm continues to innovate in the fertilizer and plant nutrition sector with aims for providing products that will further improve yield and quality in the future.