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15 Most Promising Clean Tech Startups - 2019

Cleantech startups across the world are taking great efforts to reduce energy consumption, embrace renewable energy source, manage waste more effectively, and keep the environment cleaner and greener. Today, cleantech and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are being talked about in the same breath with increasing regularity. AI is driving the future of cleantech development across the globe with significant breakthroughs in the way energy is produced, stored, and consumed. Cleantech startups have started to provide AI-powered energy storage systems that predict demand surges as well as optimize energy use timings.

As the adoption of solar and wind energy is constantly increasing, integrating and managing different energy sources have become more complicated. AI can not only assist in effectively handling these diverse energy loads but also in improving grid stability and efficiency. Apart from energy conservation, cleantech startups rely on AI for smarter waste management systems that sort and recycle waste automatically.

Besides, various groundbreaking patented technologies that are developed for maximizing waste recycling—such as conversion of used plastic into fully refined, high-quality fuel— have an extremely positive environmental impact. In the case of electronic waste or e-waste control, cleantech startups have invented methods to refurbish devices and sell them online with warranties of at least one year.

As the world continues to take bold and innovative strides in balancing growth and environmental concerns, organizations must select solutions that best address their clean technology requirements and help them reduce their carbon footprint. To assist companies with the same, our distinguished panel comprising key decision makers and experts along with StartupCity’s editorial board has shortlisted some of the most effective and innovative cleantech startups.

We present to you StartupCity’s 15 Most Promising Clean Tech Startups - 2019.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Arrecife Energy Systems An energy company in the field of fluid mechanics, delivers its solutions by capturing waves’ power and transforms it into electricity
Auto Grid Develops software applications on an AI-based platform and allows its users to integrate distributed energy resources and serves retailers, developers, and energy service provider
Blue River Technology Offers automated solution in the agriculture industry by providing advanced farm machines enabled with robotics technology for the farmers to study every plant
Bolder Industries Extracts valuable resources from waste and creates new products for industrial manufacturing
Cerahelix Technologies Designs and manufactures ceramic picofiltration products used for high purity filtration
Cleanspark Clean Spark helps building owners develop intelligent energy grids and deploys its proprietary software that plays a vital role in lowering energy consumption
Dandelion Energy Dandelion shares a personal commitment to mitigate climate change by offering affordable geo-thermal solutions for household heating and cooling requirements
Depcom Power Provides experienced, turnkey development support services & engineering solutions
EVE Energy Ventures A cleantech startup that provides EV owners with an automated charging scheduling tool that reduces costs for the charger owner and benefits the grid
Evoqua Water Technologies Helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve the quality of water
Helix Semiconductors Designs, develops and provides highly efficient power conversion Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Recycle Track System Recycle Track Systems helps companies track and optimize their pickups, from ondemand removal to integrated waste management
Sunnova Energy Sunnova Energy designs and develops solar power storage and generation equipment and devices for the residential properties industry
WISErg Converts food scraps that have been discarded as waste into fertilizers that can be utilized by agriculture and other industries
Xyber Technologies Provides Cooling system for new and existing data centers to reduce power consumption and the impact that data centers have on the environment